Opening late October 2016, the family-owned Vietnamese restaurant Pho Saigon Pearl will be expanding with their first Los Angeles location in the heart of Mid City in the Fairfax district led by their younger brothers and sisters. Pho Saigon Pearl is known for their iconic bowl of Pho made with pure bone broth (NO MSG) and authentic traditional Vietnamese dishes that has been passed down for generations.


Chef Bernard Hoang will be offering diners a wide selection of healthy traditional dishes, as well as new Vietnamese Saigon street style dishes such as Fried Garlic Chicken Wings drenched in our house fish sauce and Oxtail Poutine fries (available on weekends or until they run out).  Chef Bernard will be introduced Oxtail Pho to Los Angeles, which is one of the key ingredients to a real bowl of homemade Pho (it's no secret). The oxtail adds a rich, sweet and savory flavor that makes this one of the most uniquely delicious bowls of phở in #LOSANGELES without adding any MSG.  That is one of the traditions they're breaking.

**UPDATE 2018** 

The chef has recently created a new gluten-free dishes to our menu without lacking the true Vietnamese flavors. These gluten-free dishes include all of our grilled meat entrees served with rice and our vermicelli noodle bowls.

The restaurant, is decorated with family photos brought over from Vietnam by the owners’ parents, a large hand-painted mural in the main dining room as well as customized NÓN LÁ lamp shades, a symbol of Vietnamese’ Charm and Romance that pay homage to traditional Vietnamese hats.  

Instead of adding MSG and other artificial chemicals to create the "pho flavor" that the public is accustomed to, we've dedicated ourselves to serve you what our mothers would serve us, pure bone marrow and oxtail broth with the highest quality meats and freshest ingredients.

Los Angeles // Mid-City


(Between the Grove and LACMA)

519 S Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90036

Open for Takeout & Delivery from

12pm-9pm #COVID19

What's New: March 19, 2020

We want to say, with the most sincere heartfelt gratitude, thank you to all who have been so supportive during this time and to all emergency responders 🙏🏻. We are committed day by day to running delivery and takeout everyday 12pm-9pm

Please keep those orders coming in, the staff appreciates it more than you know. Order through our website or call for curbside pickup.
Stay well, stay strong. 


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